Frequenty Asked Questions

What system does Gambit App support?
Windows and MacOS
Can I have Gambit App on multiple computers at the same time?
No, you can only have it open on one machine, if you wish to switch machines, please refer to the Resetting Licenses/Instances page!
Why can't I access the dashboard anymore?
Head on over to the App Access Channel in the discord and claim your unique License Key. Be sure to press on "Open Discord" once you are successfully in the dashboard for the dashboard to properly role you.
How do I update Gambit App whenever theres a new update?
You can do so by installing the latest update and if necessary, replace the old files without having to uninstall the previous one.
Do I need a Node to start using Gambit?
No you do not, we default everyone to be able to use mainnet(homestead) whenever they wish to. But if you do have your own node, you're welcome to follow the steps under Settings Overviewto help you quickly setup your own nodes.
Does Gambit support Merkle or Signature mints?
Yes we do, however we will need members to provide the contract beforehand so that we can promptly add support for members to mint.
Does Gambit handle captchas on certain mints?
Yes, we handle and captchas serverside (on our end)
01/01/2023 - Will be frequently updated
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